Author Max Lucado reported a delightful story about a parakeet named Chippie who had a very bad day. It began when the bird’s owner decided to clean his cage with a vacuum cleaner. She was almost finished when the phone rang, so she turned around to answer it. Before she knew it, Chippie was gone. In a panic she ripped open the vacuum bag. There was Chippie, covered in dirt and gasping for air. She carried him to the bathroom and rinsed him off under the faucet. Then, realizing that Chippie was cold and wet, she reached for the hair dryer. Chippie never knew what hit him. His owner was asked a few days later how he was recovering. “Well,” she replied, “Chippie doesn’t sing much anymore. He just sits and stares.”

Have you ever felt like that? One minute you’re whistling through life, and the next you’re caught up in a whirlwind of stress. You’re running frantically through the airport and arrive at the gate just in time to see your plane take off. The table is set for guests when you see smoke curling out of the kitchen. These annoyances of life strike when we least expect them, and they often leave us stressed out.

The next time life sucks you into its vortex, hang on and make the best of it. But unlike Chippie, don’t let the song go out of your life.

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