There are very few cultures within the world that do not use a drum. Among Native American Indians, it is the heartbeat of the Creator – the rhythm that unites the people in the Sacred Circle of Life. What better time than now to gather with friends and family in the Sacred Circle and listen to the sounds of one another’s heart and heartaches, joys and sorrows, offering love and compassion with every beat of the drum.

Surely our circle needs to expand, as it will when we practice learning the heartbeat of God. A good place to start is with ourselves, leaving our anger, disappointment, judgements and egos aside, stepping into the sacredness of love and respect for our Earth Mother and all the good things that are provided for us. Listen! Listen! Do you hear the drumbeat within that calls us to unite with love and compassion? Yes, the Circle is expanding!

God has a big, compassionate heart that can be heard and felt by ALL of us when we step out of our egos and into the Sacred Circle of Life. Then the smoke on the wind will not choke us; it will lift us up closer to the Creator.




Put all your cares and troubles

in the inner circle.

Put them in the Blessed Drum

and make an offering of

Tobacco to the Four Directions,

to Mother Earth and

The Great Spirit.

Dance around the circle and

your cares and troubles

Will be forgotten.

You will feel good inside

for you have made an offering

And have become one with

The Rhythm of the Drum.

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