The smoke on the wind of the terrorists’ acts darkened the skies of the U.S.A. Oh, but what these individuals did not consider is the strength and faith of the American people. Yes, we mourn the loss of our loved ones, all those who have crossed over to be in the Light of the Great Spirit. Many of them are receiving their angel training right now. They have volunteered to be the ones that will send us love and light for the healing of our Mother Earth and for ourselves, our families and friends. Others have the task of sending light into the world where there is darkness, and they have asked for our support. There is a toll-free line. ‑Just bow your head, stay centered, and you will be connected. You will not be put on hold, nor will you be talking to a machine. The one that will answer your call is God. Call now – the line is open.


Rev. Tom Dancing Feather Ebbing



There are different

Energies of Light

and color,

When coming together,

Produce a Beautiful


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