Between the years 1994-2000 if you entered the lobby of the Waynedale Station you didn’t much care if there was a line as the walls were covered with sports posters, baseball cards, postage stamps with sports background and other miscellaneous memorabilia. This semi-museum was accomplished by two former Waynedale Postal employees, Larry Wagner and Kevin Tempel.

Usually Fort Wayne Postal employees are very sports minded. Some of the old timers Red Carrington, Vern Krauss, Wally Bartles, and Arnold Springer all played baseball and three of them umpired after playing ball, with Red Carrington (Mr. Fort Wayne Baseball) serving as President of the Fort Wayne Baseball Hall of Fame. Red Carrington even coached basketball teams that were sponsored by the Fort Wayne Post Office.

By Kevin Tempel and Larry Wagner building this exhibit there was much interest and people would donate small items that might have been lost. This exhibit had the blessings of the Post Office as Dawn Patridge (postmaster) gave some articles for this exhibit.

The Komets, Wizards, and Fury were very cooperative with items and at one time a Wizards jersey was on display. Larry Wagner believes the postage stamps were the high light of the exhibit. The exhibit has no doubt run-its-course as Larry now works at the downtown post office and Kevin works at the Glenbrook station.

This is an example of what citizens need to do to create interest in some day building a Fort Wayne All Sports and Hall of Fame Museum.

The work of Larry Wagner, Kevin Tempel, and Don Graham who has had many successful exhibits at the Fort Wayne Downtown Library should give other sports groups like golf, tennis, and bowling the initiative to start collecting memorabilia, identified pictures, and making a plaque with their respective Hall of Fame members and have an exhibit somewhere.

The way we get something done in this country, is someone just does it.

That’s the way I saw it.

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