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Fall is the single best time of the year to fertilize your lawn. You will see great benefits from starting a lawn care program, or supplementing one, by feeding the grass in the fall. During the fall the top growth of leaves slows, but the growth of the roots and rhizomes increases.

Umber’s Ace Hardware recommends two feedings: one between now and October 1st with Scott’s Super Turf Builder Lawn Fertilizer and one about 8 weeks later with Super Winterizer Fall Lawn Fertilizer. If you only want to make one application you can apply Super Winterizer anytime during the fall.

If weeds are a problem in your lawn, apply Scotts Super Winterizer with Plus 2-Weed Control. When applied in the fall, it will control broadleaf weeds at the same time it gives a lawn the full feeding to prepare it for winter. An application in the late fall or early winter helps grass maintain its green color longer, and makes it green up earlier the following spring … without the ugly weeds. Do not apply if you plan on seeding your lawn.

Also, when daytime temperatures drop below 60 degrees, you should lower the cutting height on your lawnmower a notch. This will enable more sunlight to get to the crown of the grass plants, and there will be less leaf to turn brown over the winter. Just remember the rule of thumb for mowing. Never remove over 1/3 the height of the grass blades at once.

If you have any lawn questions, please stop by any Umber’s Ace Hardware. As a Scotts Lawn Pro retailer, their people have been trained by Scotts professionals, so they can help you with all your lawn problems.

For further information, contact Dave Umber, 747-3866.

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