Play pressure-free pool. Lets say you are playing pool down in your basement with a friend of yours. Between the two of you there is no pressure. Both of you are having fun and playing great pool. Everything is going in and your safety play is perfect. Now freeze that picture. I am going to come back to it later. In this picture you are playing league pool and you are playing the number one team. Nothing is going in and your safetys are not working. You are playing tight and the pressure is getting to you. Freeze this picture.

Now let’s evaluate both pictures. In the first picture there was no pressure to perform so you played loose and relaxed and everything was going in. Now in the other picture this was just the opposite. You were tight and the pressure on every shot was causing you to miss shot after shot. It is simple to play pressure-free pool. You have two pictures in your mind: 1.) in your basement with your friend playing loose and relaxed. 2.) playing against the number one team and you can’t make two balls in a row because you are too tight and the pressure is getting to you. It is simple play pressure-free pool. Go back to that time when you were loose and relaxed and think about the shots you were making and the safetys you were playing. How loose and relaxed you were. Bingo; now you are winning more games again.

Until the next issue…Practice, Practice, Practice.

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