Thanks for the Other Day


Greetings from Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church. I’m Don Kleinschmidt, the interim Senior Pastor, and I am happy to be allowed to share this space with you.

My wife and I served as missionaries to Japan. We lived there ten years, where, of course, we had to relate to the Japanese in their language. The first time it happened (or that I was able to understand) I was puzzled to hear a person I had met only once say, “Thanks so much for the other day.” I didn’t even remember meeting her; let alone doing anything special for her. As time went by, I came to realize that the expression is just as much a greeting as it is an acknowledgment of a favor having been done.

However, it did make me think, and it has helped me to stop taking others for granted. Sometimes another person’s just being there can be a favor, a source of encouragement, support, reassurance, assistance.

Try adopting such an expression, make it a greeting, verbalized or not. Perhaps it will affect your attitude about the role others play in enhancing your opportunities for happiness.

We just celebrated Thanksgiving. Did you thank God for the blessings He has provided in the person of that someone near you-at home, at work, in the community, wherever?

At the same time, does your attitude and actions reflect that for which you might hear another, especially God, say to you, “Thanks so much for the other day?”

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