Dear Cousin,


The sun is struggling bravely to pierce the smoky haze that surrounds Pilot Knob as another fair day begins to take shape. This extended Indian summer weather has been a mixed blessing, as extremely dry weather conditions have caused numerous brush fires in our vicinity. A strong smell of smoke hangs in the air this morning, with no rain predicted at this time.

My mother is still in the hospital, receiving physical therapy each day preparatory to coming home. I am constantly amazed at the patience and concerned care that I have witnessed from the medical and nursing staff that cares for her, and elderly people like her. Sometimes we hear critical comments thrown at those who serve in the medical field, but I have nothing except praise for these dedicated workers.

Our son Matthew spent five continuous weeks in CAMC Memorial Hospital recently, (plus previous other admissions there) and he received the highest quality care. The nursing staff not only was compassionate to him, but to our family who camped there, day and night.

Now Mom is on the rehabilitation floor at CAMC General Hospital, and is receiving skillful and solicitous care there. It is impossible to name each nurse and therapist individually, but our thanks go out to all of those who take care of our loved ones.

Since Mom fell, I have been doing a lot of thinking about our mothers and how we are prone to take them for granted. She’s “just mom” and has always been there for us. Mothers are one of the most important people in our lives, yet many times we fail to tell them so.

The first person that a baby recognizes is his mother, and usually his first word is “mama.” I have had my mother for over 66 years now, and it is hard to face the fact that she is frail and old. She has been such a solid fixture in our family, one whom we have always relied upon for advice and counsel. Now our roles are reversed, and it is hard.

I remember when I first became aware that she was more than just a mother, but a person in her own right – a human being with fears, hopes and desires just like myself. This happened after I gave birth to my first child and joined that mystical bond of motherhood that belongs universally to mothers. I had never fully appreciated my mother until then. Our husbands can love us, and our children can also, but I am convinced that no one can love with the unconditional love that a mother does. It makes us appreciate the role that our mother plays in our life doesn’t it? It’s something to think about.



Cousin Alyce Faye

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