Where can you find a specialty store providing foods for Asian, Bosnian, Croatian, German, Greek, Italian, Mexican, South American, Indian, and other ethnic food in the same location? From the outside it looked like another ordinary grocery store. As I entered George’s International Grocery and Bakery at the corner of Broadway and Taylor, I was greeted with warm and friendly smiles. The aroma of freshly baked goods and cooked meat filled the air. There were many people in the store as I was introduced to Chris the owner/manager of George’s International Grocery. “It is like this everyday now,” said Chris. “Very busy.”

It was 11am when I arrived, people were coming from church to pick up items for their dinner. Samplings of tacos, pork rinds, and cakes were given out in each aisle.

I soon found out that you don’t have to be of the Spanish – Mexican or Latino descent to shop at George’s. You don’t have to speak the language. The clerks will make you feel right at home. If you have a question on a product just ask. If there are specialty items you want but they do not carry, just notify the friendly cashiers. They are a full service grocery store with a deli, bakery, frozen and fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy and meat departments. George’s International carries a great selection of Super Value products.

George’s International Grocery and Bakery Store is located at 2021 Broadway in Fort Wayne, IN. Their hours are: Monday through Saturday, 8am to 9pm and Sunday 8am to 7pm.