Jeremy Pion Bowler

When you watch Jeremy Pion bowl you say, “He sure throws a lot of strikes.” To average a score of 230, you need to throw 7-8 strikes a game. His last year’s 230 was the highest in the Fort Wayne Bowling Association. To get this recognition an interpretation was made. Mark S. Burbrink averaged 233 but for only 42 games. Jeremy bowled 66 games.

Jeremy was born in Fort Wayne on March 29, 1977. He graduated from North Side High School and played golf. He did advance through the youth bowling programs at Wayne Recreation in 1988-1994. At that time high school bowling hadn’t progressed.

Many years ago Fort Wayne only had two bowlers that averaged 200; Bob Perry and Danny Johnson. Last year in the Fort Wayne Bowling Association there were 297 bowlers with a 200 average. This was a drop from 325 during 1999-2000 Season.

Jeremy didn’t go through any body building exercises; just got a job at Wayne Recreation so he could bowl many games a week. He feels that todays’ equipment and not bowling lanes have contributed to so many high averages. He carries three balls to the lanes. The difference between is surface and inter-structure. He has cut down his bowling this year but still averaging 224 and has no inspiration to pick up a sponsor and hit the circuit. He is happy to be bowling in Fort Wayne.

His team ‘Lane 57 Pro Shop’ was last year’s actual city tournament champion with 3501.