Congratulations to all the Fort Wayne league players that went to Sandusky, Ohio to play in the Valley-BCA Team Challenge Nov. 16-18th, 2001. Triple elimination qualifying format. Three wins to the money. Here is how the seven men’s teams finished from Fort Wayne:

5th place: Charlie Patton, Dan Mullins, Terry Elkins, Larry Polley, Terry Guise, Dave Sloan

12th place: Dave Hancock, John Adamonis, Max Kraus, Dave Vanover, Jimmy Jenkins

15th place: Scott Vinson, Rick Zahm, Jack Hankins, Mike Corneal, Malcolm Mallot

16th place: Dave Walburn, Tony Goodman, Roger Sipes, Carl D’agostino, Geno Medrano

17th place: Bill Reynolds, Bill Reynolds Junior, Dawn Noble, Rick Thomlinson, Mike Hoppel

25th place: Bob Fromm, Chris Anthony, James Miller, Larry Duke Jr., Darryl Christiansen

30th place: Mick Billings, Joss West, Shane Goheen, Chad Goheen, Steve Bennett

Here is how the two women’s teams finished from Fort Wayne:

15th place: Lisa Adamonis, Tori Walburn Helena Emerson

16th place: Karole Schnepp, Carrie Crain, Joan Barr.

That’s fantastic (9) teams representing Fort Wayne. The next Sandusky Tournament is the third weekend of March, 2002. Leagues will start the week of January 14th, 2002 so put together a team and come out and play league pool. For more information call Playfair Amusements on Bluffton Rd. Until the next issue practice,practice,practice.