I want to talk about your grip.

Start by griping your cue with your middle two fingers and your thumb straight down. Your index finger should be along with your pinky finger. Do whatever is comfortable to you because they do not do anything. Next grip your cue slightly, just enough to where you have control of your cue. Not too loose, not too tight.

Next I want you to practice shooting with the same grip pressure all the way through the cue ball, through your back swing, through your follow through. If you can master this you are on your way to the top of your league…that is, if you play in leagues. If you don’t play you should play. Call Playfair Amusements on Bluffton Road for more information and get signed up now. The second half will begin in January.

Back to your grip. I understand everybody has their own way to grip their cue so if you are not willing to change, the most important lesson here is in your grip pressure (stroke). You need to watch out for that change of grip right in the middle of your shot. To get away from that change of grip, first visualize the entire shot. See yourself shooting this shot smoothly and presto it will happen.

Until next time… Practice,Practice,Practice.

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