Recently there has been quite a bit of public discussion regarding the State mandated redistricting of Fort Wayne’s City Council Districts which must be completed prior to the 2003 city elections. As you are probably aware, the population of Fort Wayne’s six current Council-manic Districts should be about 35,000 each, but actually ranges from about 28,000 to about 46,000. This is certainly not a one-person one-vote arrangement and it’s sensible to make some corrections prior to the 2003 city elections.

This is the ideal time to consider increasing the number of Council-manic Districts—perhaps by two more to a total of eight. As our population grows representative government will be better served if our Council-manic Districts don’t become too large. Now is a good time—with the support of our state legislators—to make any needed changes in Fort Wayne’s City Council Districts. Incidentally, Lake Shores was previously included in the 5th district. Moving Lake Shores from the 4th district back into the 5th district doesn’t make much sense to me but this could happen. Let me know your thoughts regarding this matter!

I was recently told by a Waynedale resident that several residents of The Waynedale Area have been dissatisfied with the city’s solid waste pickup. As you know, this collection is done by a contracted private waste hauler. I haven’t received any recent calls about problem with garbage pickup. If there have been missed collections or other problems be sure to let me know.

I’ve always been a supporter of community-oriented government. Recently I heard a story from The Waynedale area that I’d like to pass on—a story about a small event with a big message. A city contractor was recently completing concrete work around a landscaped public area in the Belle Vista neighborhood. A local citizen who mows the public space for the neighborhood mentioned to the contractor that it would be difficult for him to drive his lawn tractor over the new curbing to complete his regular mowing job. After hearing this, the contractor modified his concrete project and constructed a ramp for better access. As a result the Belle Vista area will benefit. This may seem like a small matter but it’s very big and is an example of the personal consideration that local government needs to give to citizens, neighborhoods, and businesses!

Regarding the alleged dumping that may be occurring south of Engle Road near Smith Road: The City is continuing to investigate this matter. More information to follow.

Have a Great Holiday Season!


Tom Hayhurst
City Councilman
4th District

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