My Dear Readers,


I have a memory of long ago, when we went into the house and found my mother-in-law crying. It was close to Christmas, and her son, Jerry was in the service. He wouldn’t be home for Christmas that year. I remember not knowing quite what to say, as I had never seen her cry before.

Service men and moms. Forever the bond of love and commitment. I know that a lot of moms (and dads and family members) will be without a beloved son or daughter this year because, again, they have gone to serve. I think of all the things that bring tears to my eyes, it is this bond that touches me the most deeply. Perhaps it touches a soft place in us all. The men and women who are now fighting to rid our country and other countries of the vermin terrorists are all gallant in my eyes. We no longer have a draft, but after the Sept. 11 terrorist attack on our country, there was no lack of volunteers for our country’s military service. There, again, was the willingness to put their lives on the line for America. I think in the 60’s with all the uproar in our land, perhaps there was fear that our young people had not the nerve or the willingness to stand up for our country. Now we realize it was just another phase. For now, that time is long past. Draft dodgers, rage, campus protests, belong to another generation. That time of internal turmoil is gone and we now see flags and patriotism everywhere we look. I know that many deeply missed their sons and daughters at the Thanksgiving table. We will miss them opening presents under the tree and at the Christmas table too. But oh, the pride we feel. Our young men and women are doing what many thought was not to come again. Americans all! We have again risen to the challenge.

I am so deeply proud of our service people, grateful for the money that has been sent for the families who have lost family members and friends at the World Trade Center; the opening of hearts to do whatever was needed to help America and our people wherever the need existed. It goes on still. My grandchildren are learning in grade school the patriotic songs that we learned. They say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning with their hands over their hearts just like we did in the 40’s and 50’s.They say—-One Nation Under God! And if some radical nut or ACLU nose doesn’t come along and protest, it will continue! For we are a people of God and we are blessed of sons and daughters who are willing to give their lives for the freedom we so cherish.

Blessings to all families who have an empty seat at the Christmas table this year. God bless us every one.


Lovingly, your American patriot, Mae Julian

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