Oooooooohhh I just have to tell you where I’ve been; Lord knows I have enough people telling me where to go. OK, I’ve been to the Ponderosa for Sunday dinner and I can’t say that I was overly impressed with their service, or their food, but I can say our waiter was such a dear. He made me/us feel right at home. He fetched and carried for us with such a pleasant cute little smile and he was there if we needed anything at all. He got us extra napkins when we had to clean up Wayne and kept our water glasses filled and even went after more Worcestershire sauce when Wayne polished off the bottle by spilling it on all his food. He said he liked it that way but I know better; Wayne is an excessive-hot sauce/catsup-user-kind-of-person. Almost everything he eats is just swimming in the stuff. Just watching him eat like that makes me ill.

He said he learned to use catsup and hot sauce to disguise the food from when he was in the Navy. I could understand doing that to Army food or Air Force food, but the Navy? They’re supposed to have the best cooks and the best food of all the services. I think it’s just a habit he can’t break, the condiment consuming lovable little devil.

Anyway, we got out of church and headed to Ponderosa hoping we would be ahead of the crowd. We made it with time to spare. We ordered and paid for our food and then went to our table. Our waiter showed up immediately, took our paper work, and told us to help ourselves to the salad bar.

Wayne wanted to hit the dessert bar but I convinced him to fix himself a nice salad first. I must admit the salad bar stuff was crispy fresh and the miniature tomatoes were nice and cold. I made two trips and Wayne made one but then he made six trips to the place where they had the hot chicken wings and fresh baked rolls, banana bread, and raisin bread. He let me nibble on his roll. I must say it was good and fresh but I liked the raisin bread the bestest.

Wayne ordered the chopped sirloin and I ordered the grilled chicken breast I thought. When they arrived they both looked about the same. I think they were left on the fire too long. They were very dry and just a shade less than burned. Wayne had ordered his rare. The baked potatoes were good though. It literally melted in my mouth when I took a bite. It was so good I ate the skin too.

We topped off our meal with a dish of ice cream. I had vanilla with a little bit of strawberries drizzled over and around it. Wayne had a dish of mixed vanilla and chocolate with strawberries, chocolate syrup, crushed peanuts, crushed Oreo cookies, jimmies, and a ton of whatever else they had to put on top of his so-called sundae. If nothing else, Wayne gets his moneys worth when we eat out.

All in all I’ll have to give Ponderosa a score of 95 out of 100 forks. If they had paid a little more attention to the way they cooked our meat I may have given them a better score. Oh and can you Ponderosa people do something about kids sticking their hands in the food. Maybe if you made the parents pay for the dishes they ruined???

Oh and when we were first going into the place we had to pass through their smoking room and it stunk in there. I wheezed and gagged all the way through it. I found out I went in the wrong door but when we left out of the right door I still felt like gagging from the smoke that drifted out to that area. Why do people have to stink up my world like they do? I don’t think I’ll go back there to eat for a while.

Some restaurants have a habit of being a good place to eat one time and then get some bad help and operate at a less than being a good place to eat for a while, then go back to being a good place to eat later on. The hot food bar seemed to be popular so maybe I will go back and order something from there and give them another chance. I hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas and a real Happy New Year. Till next time, Ta Taaa

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