Oooooooohhh I just have to tell you where we went to dine recently. Our daughter and her family was in town along with all our other children and their families for our big once-a-year Thanksgiving dinner. Since Elizabeth and I haven’t seen each other in over a year and since neither one of us likes to cook very much, we decided to let the husbands and children take us out for breakfast without the rest of the family. We needed our special time together. As it turned out we could have had more privacy at a Komet Hockey game and I know I shouldn’t get my panties in a wad over this but cigarette smoke makes me sick to my stomach. I’ll explain later.

We went to Azar’s here in Waynedale and ate and talked and ate and talked and then we ate some more. Why we visited from breakfast right through into lunch time and Wayne wanted to order again. We picked up on their buffet to start with and the daughter and I modestly only made a few return trips to the food bar. We’re picky eaters. Wayne on the other hand wore a path there and back besides eating the food he ordered separately. That man makes me so mad. He can eat all day and not gain an ounce although he is a cute little tubby wubby and no one could tell if he gained an ounce anyway. It just irks me.

Pancakes are his downfall, him and his EXTRA butter and syrup. His pancakes swam in the stuff. I just don’t see how he can stand all that sweet stuff for breakfast. Now if you don’t think that is bad, he ordered two eggs over easy to be placed in between the pancakes and another one on top. That’s when he poured the syrup over all of it and commenced to gobble swim his way from top to bottom. I think people got up and left when they saw what he did. He ordered extra sausage on the side and then made a sausage sandwich to go along with his soggy, egg runny pancakes. Our grandson didn’t even want to set next to his ‘Gumpa’. I think he was afraid of getting splashed or sticking to something.

Anyway Wayne enjoyed dining out at Azar’s and suggested we do it at least once a week. I don’t think the waitresses want him back. Their tip was sticky. Maybe I can get him to try a fruit plate with cottage cheese or an order of their delicious onion rings, or their famous Big Boy hamburger or at least something less messy. I wouldn’t recommend the chili spaghetti though if your husband eats like Wayne. It’s good but not worth the trouble it takes to clean him up. Azar’s needs to bring more napkins with their meals or have one of those cute little napkin holders on each table for sopping up slobs like Wayne, bless his sticky little person.

Anyway Azar’s has the most patientest waitresses of anywhere I’ve ever been outside of a nursing home. They could earn some larger tips if they’d just take the husbands outside and hose them down or give them a bath like the homes do. It would be worth it.

I’ll give Azar’s a big 98 forks out of 100. I usually hold one back since nobody is 100% perfect and I usually hold one back just for general improvement. I give their waitresses or at least our waitress 100 forks; she was so nice and kind and patient and even helped us clean Wayne up a little. Thanks Angela. Honey, I hope I spelled your name right. Also, I did miss seeing Robin this time. She is a real nice waitress also.

If you go to Azar’s to dine, at least take the time to read your waitress’ nametag and leave her a good tip. Those gals deserve good tips for all they put up with and still be able to smile and be helpful and patient and good-natured and, oh I just can’t say enough goodies about them. I hope each and every Waynedaler and all you Waynedaler Wannabes have a real good Christmas and don’t eat too much although I know Wayne and I will. Till next time, Ta Taaa

By the way Mr. Azar, couldn’t you please get rid of your old “smokers’ room”. That room provides such a lovely view and it’s just like dining outside in the sunshine – at least that’s what I remember about it before you put doors on it and made a cancer chamber out of it. I do so hope you ban smoking altogether in your nice restaurant real soon. When those doors opened, the smoke drifted out into the other room where we were at and almost gagged me. If you ban smoking, I’m sure you will keep a lot more of your customers instead of them going over to Elzey.

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