The Industrial Technology Students, at Wayne High School, in Mr. James Lambert’s classes are busy working on their drawings in Auto/CAD and building their woodworking projects.

The Design Process classes are using the Auto/CAD computer to draw in geometric construction, single view and multi-view drawings. The students that are doing excellent work are Aron Aldridge, Travis Brown, Nathan Diss, Casey Lockwood, Valarie Marret, Cameron Muff, Justin Parker, William Reynolds, Daniel Schmenk, Tim Shreffler, Brad Spenn, Corey Springer, and Jason Thorson.

The Construction Design (Architectural Drafting) classes are using the Auto/CAD to draw their dream houses. The students are now drawing their floor plans, front and rear elevations, left and right elevations and electrical plans. The students that are doing fantastic work are Matt Alig, Jon Griffetts, Brandon Kell, Jacob Marks, Kevin Meek and Sean Myers.

The Construction Technology classes are working on their required projects such as the cutting board and end tables. The students that are doing tremendous work are Adam Castillo, Eric Hayn es, Bryan Hoover, Alan McCain, and Adrian Morgan.

The Construction Processes class are busy working on their individual projects. The students that are doing exceptionally well are Fred Collins (table cabinet), Nathan Glant (wall framed mirror), David Hollopeter (gun cabinet) and John Hofmann (coat and hat rack).

All students are working with neatness, accuracy, and measurements with their hands and in conjunction, using the proper English and Math skills. As you can see the Industrial Technology students are keeping busy.