Pictured Back Row – Left to Right Caylon Turnage, Cameron Turnage, Calvin Davis, Marcus Phillips Pictured Front Row – Left to Right Cody Turnage, Paris Ruffin, Logan Sower, Sean Davis
Pictured Back Row – Left to Right Caylon Turnage, Cameron Turnage, Calvin Davis, Marcus Phillips Pictured Front Row – Left to Right Cody Turnage, Paris Ruffin, Logan Sower, Sean Davis

On Saturday, December 8, 2001, Pack 3030 Tiger Cub Scouts from Irwin Elementary School, 3501 So. Anthony Blvd, collected canned goods in the Lakewood Addition here in Waynedale. The first graders, along with their Den Leader Kim Sower and some family members collected 95 pounds of food for the Harvest Food Bank.



(Time of sale to be announced as soon as the garage at the Scout Cabin is full of donations.)

Had a garage sale and don’t know what to do with the ‘leftovers’? Are you still sorting through all the stuff Aunt Millie left you in her will, attic, basement, and closets? Someone give you a gift at the last ‘white elephant’ party you attended and you want to get rid of it? Got a garage/basement/attic you want emptied of its contents? Moved a while back and haven’t unpacked all the boxes and don’t know what’s in them and haven’t missed the stuff? Don’t open them; call Troop 44.

The leaders said they are willing to come to your house to pick up your donations. You may drop off your donations at the Scout Cabin but you must call first and arrange for someone to meet you there. Please don’t drop anything off in front of the door; it will only get wet or be stolen. Call and have someone meet you there PLEASE. Take a FREE tour of the Boy Scout Cabin while you’re there. “Don’t throw it out; call a Boy Scout” better yet, call Assistant Scoutmaster Jack Shepard at 436-2422, Scoutmaster John Mortimer at 672-9769, or Assistant Scoutmaster Jay Hughes at 744-0807 for ‘free’ pickup. For more information about Troop 44 or about Boy Scouting in the Waynedale area, contact Ray McCune at Portage Creek Camp Association, 2700 Lower Huntington Road or call him at 747-4535 or call Troop 44 Committee Chairman Walt Pressler at 436-9462.



This is mounted in a frame with a glass front. It is orange and sports the #30 on the jersey sleeves. There is an engraved plaque on the outside with Robbie Irons’ name on it. This professionally done, glass encased jersey was donated to Boy Scout Troop #44 for their “1ST ANNUAL MOST AWESOME HUMONGUS WAYNEDALE-WIDE GARAGE SALE”, however the leaders think the jersey should be put up for silent auction. Call 747-4535 and make a bid on the jersey. The latest and highest bid will be available in case someone wants to top it. The bid has started at $50.00. The Jersey is on display at THE WAYNEDALE BAKERY, 2610 Lower Huntington Road in Waynedale (they are open from 4am to 4pm M-F and from 4am to 12noon on Saturday – Closed Sundays). Talk to owner Bonnie Harris. Drop off your written bid at THE WAYNEDALE NEWS or give it to Bonnie. Bidding will stop at 4pm January 31, 2002 and the highest bidder will be notified.


THIS I BELIEVE by Chris Mathes, Scout Executive

(From THE COURIER – the official messenger of the Anthony Wayne Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America)

Families and local councils have received and have been quite enthusiastic about the “I Can Make A Difference” service information. Some areas of the country have had positive media coverage of this effort to comfort and assist children and families.

As our country continues the process of sending soldiers and sailors abroad, children may wish to share their pride just like many adults. One such way local dens, packs, troops, and crews may show support is to simply say, “Thank You.”

The National Council, in cooperation with the United States armed forces, has established a way for Boy Scouts of America members to share a message of pride. Attached is a general letter that provides information on where notes of thanks, pride, and best wishes may be sent. This letter may be tailored for local circumstances, reprinted in unit newsletters, reprinted and distributed as necessary. As we aid families in helping their children develop into quality citizens, it is important that we provide avenues of participation. Thank you for your commitment to that end!



Leaders of dens, packs, troops, and crews are encouraged to request the young people in their units write supportive letters. Letters will be delivered to soldiers and sailors overseas. Many of the dedicated service men and women are away from family and friends for a lengthy period. Many, also, will be away during the holiday season. Our Scouts and Venturers, America’s children, have a positive morale-building role to play! Please take time to ask the young people in your care to say,

“Thank you – Thank you for protecting our country, for the important job to be done, and for making us proud.”

Letters and postcards and drawn pictures should be addressed and sent to:

Army, Navy, Air Force, & Marine Corp land forces:

Any Service Member – Operations in the FRY – APO AE 09397-0001

Navy and Marine Corps aboard ships:

Any Service Member – Operations in the FRY – APO AE 09398-0001

Families in Europe:

Any Family Member – Operations in the FRY – APO AE 09399-0001