As I enter my fourth year as Wayne Township Trustee, I think back about how successful my office has been at achieving my goal of developing community partnerships. These collaborations are vital in the problem-solving process because they incorporate multiple viewpoints and ideas. Many of our successes have been a direct result of joining together with other government, not-for-profit, and religious organizations. Throughout the year I have been able to give examples of how Wayne Township has networked with a variety of social service agencies. Today I would like to recognize and thank members from the faith-based community for working so closely with our organization.

These wonderfully committed community leaders have invited us to join their meetings, helped us understand the needs of their parishioners, and gave us information about their programs that often go unnoticed. Through their partnerships, we are able to help Wayne Township residents that are not eligible for Township assistance. The faith-based community embraces those in need and works passionately to help. They help by providing emergency assistance as well as providing valuable input into the long-term planning process.

Thank you Reverend James Bledsoe and the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance, Reverend Alyn Biddle of Broadway Christian Church, Pastor Vernon Graham and Associated Churches, Reverends James Dance and Dave Humphries of the Fort Wayne Rescue Mission, Major Mark Turner and Garnett Anders of the Salvation Army, the entire staff of Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services, and the Interfaith Hospitality Network. Of all the accomplishments and accolades received by Wayne Township, none mean more than the relationships that we have forged with the faith-based community.

I am proud to be working with this devoted group of men and women of faith; as they continue to inspire me to serve my community with compassion and warmth.


Matthew P. Schomburg, Trustee
Wayne Township

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