Find and Replace


Perhaps one of the least mentioned features of any word processor is the find and replace command. Some users breeze right by the function without even thinking of using it.

With the changes in the area code in the Waynedale area this feature can come in quite handy. As we all know the area code in this area is changing from 219 to 260. If you have an address book, on your computer, you might have some trouble with clicking and retyping the area code for each entry.

A quick and easy solution is to use the find and replace function. Most programs like Microsoft’s Outlook Express or ACT2000 use this feature. It’s a very powerful feature especially when you have to change several items at once. With this feature you can change the name of a company or an area code prefix all at once.

Simply search for all the (219)’s and replace them with (260)’s. It’s that simple. Of course it’s a good idea to check that any entries do not live in the other area codes.

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