Have you ever said after missing a shot “my aim is off”. Statistics say more than 90% of the time misses are either stroke or bridge related.

In this issue we’re going to work on improving your bridge. Your bridge is very important on every shot. It is the steering mechanism of your stroke. Your bridge will vary from shot to shot as well as from person to person. After all people have different hand sizes and other physical reasons. Bottom line is, a solid bridge is the beginning to a solid over all pool game.

Here are some tips on improving your bridge on every shot:. 1) Snug up your bridge hand to where you do not see any daylight (snug). 2) Practice, Practice, Practice on improving your bridge on every shot. With a couple of magic words (hocus-pocus), soon this focus will produce results and eventually this will be your habit. The perfect bridge should guide the shaft accurately back and forth, helping eliminate any lateral motion and keeping the cue straight. The bridge should never move during the stroke. The bridge should fit snugly around the cue with little or no air or daylight visible through the bridge hand. The arm extending the bridge should be fully straight and the bridge must rest solidly on the table. This helps eliminate any body motion during the stroke. The bridge remains solid even during the follow through.

This game will force you to take a variety of awkward shots finding yourself altering your technique. Bottom line is to form a strong stable bridge in such circumstances. Solid stability is the ultimate objective and the importance of this cannot be overemphasized. Until next issue Practice. Practice. Practice.

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