We enjoy the Waynedale News immensely. Hope you always keep it a “hometown” paper. Alvin & Marilyn Hutchins-Muldoon Rd.

Enjoy paper and really enjoyed latest article on Wiley. (God Bless Him.) Patricia Dull-Prairie Grove Dr.


Keep up the good work! Mike & Lisa Palmer-Fairoak Dr.

As long as I have been getting The Waynedale News it came by mail. The last one I got two. One by mail and one by carrier. I do not care how I get it as long as I get it and it is not wet. John Gay-S. Harrison St.

Thank you in doing a good job in making your paper. S & M Hauling-Farwood Ave.

If I am going to receive The Waynedale News by carrier, why should I pay $14.50 for a year subscription? Mrs. John Wilhelm-Gardenview Ave.

We have lived in Waynedale more than 30 years always enjoyed reading The Waynedaler. Keep up the good work. Evelyn Felger-Leswood Ct.

I enjoy the paper—look forward to it every two weeks. Linda K. Downing-Gladstone Dr.

Great job Bob. Frank Mangona-Laredo Ave.

Great paper. Nancy Lawrence-N. Minnich Rd.

I would like The Waynedale News sent to me. I lived in Waynedale for several years and would like to keep-up on the news. Thanks! Karen Ausderan-Manor Woods Rd.

Great Job! Would appreciate seeing more area history on a regular basis. James & Ruth Ann Ellis-Quail Ridge Ln.

Enjoy your paper! John D. Henry-Thiele Rd.

We still need to get together with the wives for dinner. James Imbody-Kilbourn Dr.

We love your paper and it’s a great joy to read Hometown News by Mrs. Wayne T. Dale, hope I can meet her someday. Your newspaper is the greatest. We listen to 106.3 that Ron & Kenny are great. Lucy Wyss-Waterfront Dr.

Would not have paid a year ago. Paper has improved a bunch. Larry Murphy-Enola Ct.

Great job— Bev Dixon-Maywood Cir.

Love your paper. Would like it on front porch instead of driveway by street. Gertrude Garretson-Lower Huntington Rd.

Keep up the good work. Dewald & Lucile Slater

Enjoy The Waynedale News very much! James D. Kimble-Lower Huntington Rd.

We’re enjoying the paper more and more-nice improvements have been made. Rex Altenburg-Legoma.

We enjoy our “small-town” newspaper very much. Keep up the good job! Richard & Ruth Strole-Waynedale Blvd.

Keep us informed of our Waynedale Happenings. I share it with my out of town children. Gloria Friedrich-Wohama Dr.

I must have my paper by the door because I can’t get it otherwise, because I’m afraid I’ll fall. They have been putting it by the door. Thank you. Delight W. Burnau-St. Louis Ave.

I hope this means we’ll get each issue timely and dry. We enjoy the paper so are willing to subscribe. Flora Snyder-Legoma Dr.

“Good Luck” for the future “70” years! “Congratulations” Bloomfield-S.F.-Maplewood Rd.

We enjoy your paper – thanks. Ms. Dorothy Acker-Lakewood Dr.

Keep up the good work. I’m more excited about reading The Waynedaler than the City paper!! Thanks for all your hard work. David & Nancy Dickerson-Meda Pass.

Keep up the Good Work! Randy & Tami Furniss-Auburn Road.

Very good news. Melvin Leykauf-Woodheath Ave.

Thanks for keeping us informed. Councilman Hayhurst’s column is especially interesting. Patrick Davis-Donna Dr.

I enjoy reading and also I enjoy the ads. Betty Beerift-Juliette Ave.

Love the paper. Kenny Hormann-Springhill Dr.

Please throw it on the porch. Pat Meyer-Clayburn Dr.

We really enjoy the paper. I would really miss it if it was discontinued for some reason. Carol Henry-Winters Rd.

Some pictures are blurred. James/Beverly Giant-Ardis Dr.

You are wonderful! James Quinlan-Corline St.

We have enjoyed Waynedaler some 50 years. Keep up the new job-Sincerely, Mrs. C. Vorndran-Knoll Rd.

We enjoy the articles and the ads for services and items for sale. Richard/Florence Bade-Meda Pass.

A very nice newspaper with lots of local interest! Marsha Heller-River Haze Rd.

Enjoy your paper. Don Rodenbeck-Kruge Dr.

The paper has improved so much. I especially enjoy the Councilman’s, Senator, Township articles-The good neighbors is also interesting-I read it all through. Dolores Bock-Winchester Rd.

Thank you. Charles Chester-Elzey St.

Enjoy Reading. Christine Dexter-Dunkelberg Rd.

Keep up the good work. Wilmer Dammeyer-Ardis St.

We have a special carrier deliver it but it wasn’t any of the people listed in the ad. Don’t know person’s name. Roy Saylor-Lower Huntington Rd.

I like The Waynedale News but I have to cancel. I have called two time but you still have it delivered. Part of the time I’m not home and the paper just lays on the porch. Lena Gerardot-Eileen

We enjoy The Waynedale News. Keep up the good work. Lawrence & Kathleen Farmer-Allegany Ave.

Good job Staff. William H. Stark-Coverdale Rd.

Thanks for a good job! Roy Ellingwood-Shoreview Drive

Great paper-enjoy it very much. Keep up the good “news”. Mary Burnau-Knoll Rd.

Happy New Year Bob! Hope all is well. See ya soon! J. Jr. P.S. Love the paper-keep up the good work. –Grafton, WI.

I do enjoy our local paper, it is getting bigger and better. Thank you. Evelyn Dennis-Kekionga Dr.

Enjoy the local paper. Mr. Richard Norton-Fernwood Ave.

Great Job – Bob & Crew! Ed Beneke-Belle Isle Pl.

We seem to get 2 copies each time. You can mail one and stop carrier or vise versa whichever is best – just as long as we receive it. Marion Amick-Maplewood Rd.