Is there a bug going around the office that you want to avoid catching? Does that headache or cough keep coming back? There are numerous alternatives that can be found at your local health food or vitamin and herb store to help with these symptoms.

The herbs, Mullein, Lobelia and even Horseradish have been historically known to break up congestion in the head and chest, helping to move out mucus and open airways. Echinacea is an herb known to benefit the immune system itself. Couple it with Golden Seal, with its own natural antibiotic acting properties, you may get the cold and flu relief that you are looking for.

Garlic is another herb to historically show a great ability in helping rid the respiratory tract of phlegm and sometimes control fevers with its anti-viral activity. And Zinc lozenges can really help with sore throats, aiding in alleviating that annoying dryness and pain.

The best way to prevent a cold and flu season from catching up with you is to stay healthy. To improve your overall health and keep that immune system strong plenty of rest, lots of fluids and Vitamin C are always recommended.

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