I decided this year to change the format of the annual State of the City address to make it more accessible to residents.

Traditionally, the State of the City was held at the Grand Wayne Center on a weekday afternoon. It cost attendees $25. This year, I will give the Report to the People at more than 10 locations throughout the community. The sites will be chosen so that citizens will have access to one of the events. Specific dates, times and locations will be announced as soon as they are finalized.

I will be speaking to neighborhood partnerships, business groups, non-profit organizations, faith-based community and labor groups. The message to these groups still will focus on the accomplishments of my administration during the past year, and the planned initiatives for the future.

I serve all the residents of Fort Wayne. I want to make sure that everybody knows what my team and I have been working on this past year and what exciting things are in store for Fort Wayne in 2002. I also want to give citizens an opportunity to share their opinions and ideas.

The format for the various Report to the People speeches will be interactive, allowing citizens to ask questions and make comments.

We’ve made tremendous strides in public safety, City services and economic development during 2001. We have more exciting initiatives to be rolled out this year. I look forward to working with Fort Wayne residents to see these goals come to fruition.

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