Despite unseasonably warm temperatures during the past two months, winter is indeed upon us. The City Street Department is well equipped and well prepared to handle snow removal during the winter season.

The Street Department recently purchased 12 new single-axle salt trucks. The trucks have both a front blade and an under blade. All of the trucks are equipped with a calcium pre-wet system, which sprays calcium on the salt before it’s dispensed onto City streets. The system helps the salt work better during temperatures below 20 degrees and also helps the salt adhere better to the pavement.

Fort Wayne is divided into 12 snow routes, with each route assigned a minimum of two trucks. Streets in each route are prioritized. After arterial streets, collector streets and PTC bus routes are plowed, trucks will remove snow in residential areas if more than three inches has fallen.

It typically takes 10 to 12 hours following snowfall before the arterial and collector streets are plowed and salted. The City has 24 drivers scheduled to work third shift.

Drivers unfortunately sometimes plow snow back into residential driveways. To minimize this problem, please shovel your snow onto the right side of the driveway if you’re facing the street.

Remember that the sidewalks in front of your home are your responsibility. Please take the time to shovel snow so residents may walk safely on the sidewalks, and please be generous and help neighbors who are elderly or disabled keep their sidewalks shoveled and safe.

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