Hello pool players. Here are my 15 steps to playing championship pool:


1. Your practice strokes before each shot, if possible, should have the same number of strokes. A smooth straight back and forth motion.

2. Look at the object ball last. Only a few exceptions: One if you’re jacked up over a ball and two is if you are close to the object ball.

3. Gripping the Cue: I like a tight grip (not overly tight). Especially bank shots and break shots.

4. Shoot or play safe. You should play aggressive but on the other hand, if the percentage says you better play safe then you better play a safe.

5. Good aiming skills. Always figure out where you want to hit the object ball. Where to hit the Cue ball and see the track line. Visualize this shot going in and then do it.

6. Throwing the Cue stick through the Cue ball.

7. Leave bridge down on the table as long as possible.

8. Set four realistic goals:

•a great break
•aggressive play
•good shot selection
•good position play

9. Tempo is set by how you like to play. Not by your opponents.

10. Tight grip.

11. Smooth and Aggressive.

12. Safety & Bank Skills.

13. Inside English.

14. Confidence.

15. Extra Time. The only time is when you’re in dead stroke. So until then, take extra time especially starting out and when you’re struggling, take your time. You will know when to pick up the pace.


Until the next issue: Practice, Practice, Practice.

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