Industry sends notices when they discover a product defect. Why not MDs?

Remember the Pinto? Rear end gas tanks could blow up if hit from behind! Uncle Sam required Ford to send a recall notice to Pinto buyers. Basically, “Bring it in, we’ll fix it.”

MDs ought to send a recall notice. Those doctors who said, “Aw, Vitamin C is useless,” ought to be required to tell you. “Hey, research shows it’s good for you.”

Ever get a recall notice from an MD?

You should have gotten one in October, 1992. You’ve heard for 30 years that vegetable oil is healthier than saturated fatty acids or animal fats. Right? “Give up red meat. Pull the skin off the chicken before you eat it. Use vegetable oil.”

But on October 7, 1992, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced research showing that vegetable oil and margarine causes heart disease.

Get your recall notice?

“It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.” Remember that old margarine commercial? “margarine is better for you than butter.” Right? “Butter is terrible and full of cholesterol.” Right?

March 3, 1993. Headline: “Stick Margarine Boosts Your Risks of Heart Attack.” In a study of 90,000 nurses, half ate butter and half ate margarine. Result? Eating margarine gave a 70% higher risk of heart disease than butter.

Get Your Recall Notice On That One?

Dr. Joel Wallach, BS, DVM, ND, a feisty 62 year-old veterinarian (DVM), naturopathic physician (ND), author, lecturer and talk show host, nominated for the “Nobel Prize” in 1991 for his groundbreaking work in nutrition states: “Veterinarians knew this in the 50’s. They tried to get animals to gain weight faster – pump more calories into ’em. And since oil has twice the calories of carbohydrate calves and turkeys and pigs and chickens got 40% of their calories as vegetable oil. They gained weight 10 times faster than the ones just getting cracked corn.”

“Worked great for four weeks. But at 6 weeks they all died of heart attacks. So vets learned that the vegetable oil theory was a good idea gone bad!”

“But the agricultural industry had geared up for corn oil. They figured, “It’s not proven to be bad for humans yet. We’ll convince people that vegetable oils are good for them. Maybe we’ll get 15-20 years before they figure it out.”

“So they’ve killed about 10 million Americans with this vegetable oil kick. And now they whisper, “Pss-ss-st. It’s bad for you.” Of course, if you wrapped the garbage with the newspaper that day, you missed it.”

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