Oooooohhhhh I just have to tell you where Wayne and I stopped to eat on our way back home two weeks ago. We were out of state visiting Wayne’s relatives down Columbus way recently. Since we didn’t get to visit any restaurants here in our fair town of Waynedale, Indiana, USA, I’ll tell you about the neatest eating place we found. My cute little tubby hubby and I ran across a restaurant over in Ohio that we fell in love with. I understand that it is one of a chain that is all over most of the United States but I’d never paid any attention to their sign before.

When I mentioned it to our one son, he said that Waffle House Restaurants were all over the south. Seeing as how we never venture very far from our door we were intrigued. Why hasn’t someone built one of them here in Waynedale? Waynedale isn’t too far from 469 or I-69 and I just know everyone around here would just love it to pieces, we did. They are open 24 hours a day so if you got the hungrys in the middle of the night you could go out to eat. I could send Wayne out for waffles anytime then but he might not come back for hours and then I’d have to go get him and clean him up and do an extra load of laundry before the stains set and oh I just think I’d have to go along when he left to take care of him. I still think it would be a good idea.

The only restaurant that comes close to being like it, is the International House of Pancakes up north of Fort Wayne. That’s a long drive just to get a waffle but I do love waffles. I like to smear real butter all over them and then fill each and every little square with syrup, and they had different flavored syrups at the Waffle House in Wapakoneta, Ohio. I found out that Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, came from Wapakoneta. I want Wayne to take me back there sometime to visit the Neil Armstrong Museum AND then take me back to the Waffle House, naturally.

And Wayne just loves waffles too. He ordered three waffles, three eggs, and two thick slices of ham. He then layered them all up on a big platter and doused the whole concoction with blueberry syrup and butter. It almost made me sick watching him put all that away. Well he got it all down along with a double order of their golden hash browns and then he ordered a sausage sandwich on a biscuit to go, the hungry little dear. I never will get those blueberry stains out of his under shorts let alone his brand new Indiana University sweat shirt, or his socks. That messy little darlin’ needs to wear a rain coat when he eats but I just love the way his fat little jaws go up and down when he chews. He reminds me of that cute little pot-bellied pig that our neighbor once had. Its name was Petunia. I asked him if he still owned her; he said she got to be too much to take care of but she was delicious.

If you have a chance to go to a Waffle House when you’re on the road and headed south then by all means stop and try their food. Oh, and they have the best coffee and there’s plenty of it. I guess you’re wondering what I ordered. Well I was intrigued with their unique menu and I love waffles, so I ordered one waffle, one egg over easy, one sausage patty, one sausage link, one slice of ham, one pancake, and a side order of hash browns. I was going to try to sample a little of each and then get a box to take the rest of the meal home with me. There wasn’t any left to take home so we just put Wayne’s sausage in it. He let me nibble on it on the way home. It was gone before we hit Willshire, Ohio. They have such a nice little town there.

I give Waffle House 98 forks out of 100 because I never give 100 and I always leave room for improvement but my sakes alive I don’t see how they could improve their food unless they made it cheaper but then I know inflation has us all pinching pennies now days. Oh and their waitresses were so neat and clean and cute, Wayne just wanted to hug ’em all, the flirty little thing but then he would hug anyone who brought him food. I hope he never gets arrested or thrown in jail.

Wapakoneta, Ohio is about 75 miles from Waynedale if you go down route 33. I think it would make a nice Sunday drive now that we know about the museum and the Waffle House. Oh and if you go a little further towards Columbus on 33 you’ll come to a little town called New Hampshire. They have a place called Grey’s Orange Barn and they sell all kinds of cheeses, and sausages, and Amish hams, and produce, and candies, and I just don’t know what all. Wayne and I stopped there and brought some of each of their different cheeses home with us. So if you want a 200 mile round trip Sunday drive and like cheese and love waffles, then go to Grey’s Orange Barn and then stop by the Waffle House on the way back. Oh and try the museum and let me know how you like it. Oh and take a cooler with you; you’ll need it. Till next time, Taa Taaa.

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