The City of Fort Wayne is working with Chemical Waste Management of Indiana for the transfer of up to 380 acres of land on the east side of Adams Center Road to a group such as the Fort Wayne-Allen County Economic Development Alliance.

The reason for the transfer is to make low cost or free land available for industrial development. The land is within Fort Wayne City limits.

During tough times like these, it is important that we put aside unproductive disagreements from the past and move forward as a community. This land is a valuable asset to our community, and we need to put it to good use.

I have formed the Adams Center Road Advisory Group to help the City identify the types of businesses that would be acceptable on the land; to identify potential infrastructure improvements needed to support development in the area; and to convene quickly to discuss prospects that may not be one of the types identified by the group as acceptable.

Representatives of New Haven have been asked to join the advisory group so that disagreements that have been created by one jurisdiction ignoring another can be avoided. I am pleased with the participation of New Haven representatives. They understand that this land can be put to productive use and benefit both communities.

If CWMI transfers the property to an entity such as the Alliance, it will not be used as a landfill or for a transfer station. Transferred land will become a ready-to-build industrial site.

These sites help us to create jobs now. Sites like these make it possible for businesses to move their projects along faster and make Fort Wayne a desired location.

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