Plans have been finalized for a NEW HOUSING PARTNERSHIP with Community Connections a Division of Pathways of Huntington, Indiana a non-profit CHOTA joining Ideal Suburban Homes, Inc. a development company from Decatur, with Wells Fargo Bank, Rural Development of the USDA and the Indiana Finance Authority and Ideal Realty to bring affordable homes to the surrounding areas. Through the partnership Community Connections recognizing the great need for start-up housing in rural communities will offer specific services to families in several areas at no charge for the services. Funds are being partnered through USDA, Wells Fargo, and Indiana Housing Finance. These funds will allow families in need to obtain credit counseling, down payment assistance, and much lower interest rates. The free credit counseling of 2 hours sessions and grants for down payments dramatically reduce monthly payments for moderate-income families. Grants can be available up to $10,000.00 for down payment assistance. Certificates are issued upon completion of the classes and presented to the developer, Ideal Suburban Homes, Inc., to, be used on selecting a new home. The developer has specific pre-approved sites available in pre-determined locations in Ossian, Decatur, Bluffton, Roanoke, Garrett, Auburn, & Huntington areas. Counseling sessions are held in Decatur, Huntington, and Columbia City. The new Partnership is funded for 2002. Generally the grants and loans are eligible for families with incomes up to $36,000.00 annually. To obtain information, detailed brochures, and be eligible for credit counseling and down payment assistance families can first call 1-800-589-4332 Ideal Realty or 1-800-310-9510 Community Connections. Interested families should call to get on the list funds are not unlimited. Owning a home is the American Dream. The partnerships Community Connections has formed helps make home ownership available to families who would be excluded because of imperfect credit, lack of down payment, and or prohibited high monthly mortgage payments. The aim of Community Connections is to serve all families regardless of their abilities, race, or economic status in the small town rural areas. The non-profit, Community Connections was formed in 1966. The developer has been in construction since 1958. A detailed brochure explaining the program is available at Ideal Realty 1-800-589-4332 or Community Connections by calling the 1-800-310-9510.