Pack 3030 Leaders (L to R) David Eisenhauer-Webelos II Den Leader, Doug Coe-Cubmaster, Mrs. Kim Sower-Tiger Cubs Den Leader, Mrs. Dian Steffen-Webelos I Den Leader, Mrs. Mary Davis Irwin PTA Treasurer
Pack 3030 Leaders (L to R) David Eisenhauer-Webelos II Den Leader, Doug Coe-Cubmaster, Mrs. Kim Sower-Tiger Cubs Den Leader, Mrs. Dian Steffen-Webelos I Den Leader, Mrs. Mary Davis Irwin PTA Treasurer

Something new or at least new to this writer – the Girl Scouts are now bringing cookies to your door – no more waiting for your order to be processed. That’s what I like; cookies on demand, no waiting. I must admit I’m a cookie junkie and have to date, bought more than my share of boxes. I like them all but prefer any cookie with peanut butter in or on it. I predict that the Girl Scouts will sell more cookies using this new method.

Please Troop leaders, give me information on your troop and where you can be contacted if I get a cookie craving and run out. I will publish names and phone numbers right here in SCOUTING SMOKE SIGNALS. This column is for ALL Scouting information.



Note: Attention all Cub Scout units! Bring us the results of your PineWood Derby races. Let us know the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of your derby. Who your sponsor is. What your pack number is. Who your winners are. How many are in your pack and how many entered. When your derby was held, and Where. What are the names of your leaders? Our next publication deadline is February 22, 2002. Bring pictures if you have them.



Portage Creek Association President Walter Pressler Jr. appointed Jack Shepard Scoutmaster of Troop 44. The ceremony took place at the Scout Cabin, corner of Lower Huntington Road and Ardmore Avenue on Monday, January 28, 2002. Mr. Shepard is a ‘Trained’ leader and was an Assistant Scoutmaster with the troop. Scoutmaster John Mortimer, turned in his resignation and stepped down as Scoutmaster, “. . . due to personal reasons.” Mr. Mortimer was an Assistant Scoutmaster with the troop before taking over the reins of leadership several years ago. John said, “Maybe I’ll get back into Scouting sometime in the future, but first I have to have some time to myself.” He said his ‘farewell speech’ to the troop at their Monday night meeting on February 4th.



Boy Scout Troop 44 is in need of a ‘gear’ trailer. Do you have an old pop-up camping trailer or other suitable trailer that you don’t want? Want to donate it to Portage Creek Camp Association, sponsors of Boy Scout Troop 44? The troop needs a trailer to haul camping gear and would prefer something that can be closed and locked. Donations should be tax deductible. Call Jack Shepard at 436-2422 or Ray McCune at 747-6512 or 747-4535.



Cub Scout Pack 3030, sponsored by Irwin Middle School PTA, held their Annual Blue & Gold Dinner at 6:30pm, in the school gym on January 31, 2002. Their guest speaker was Ray McCune, Associate Editor of THE WAYNEDALE NEWS. Mr. McCune started his ‘humor spiced’ talk by reading two poems, ‘Alexander And The Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day’ by Judith Viorst and ‘Doing Nothing’ whose author is unknown.

He then demonstrated how to make two different tin can craft projects: 1)Free-For-The-Finding nested cook pots (made from metal coat hangers and 11 different sized tin cans) and 2)His famous ‘Under-A-Buck’ hiking stove (made from coffee cans, metal coat hangers, toilet paper, and rubbing alcohol. Mr. McCune told the boys, “Don’t attempt these crafts without your parents supervision.”” Jokingly he told the audience that he was driving his neighbors up the wall by going through their recycling bins looking for different sized cans for his projects. He said, “They’ve finally called off the dogs and don’t phone the police anymore.”

Ray ended his talk with a knot tying demonstration. He mentioned that there are 10 different ways to tie a square knot but said that he could only remember 8 of them and then proceeded to show the audience just how it’s done. He tied a few other knots and mentioned that he was not a knot-tying magician; the knots he was demonstrating are found right in the Boy Scout handbook. Next he demonstrated how the lowly overhand knot (the simplest knot in the book) could actually help save your life.

He ended his knot tying with what he called a ‘Mother-in-law’ knot (hangman’s noose) and then made it quickly disappear as if it went into thin air but actually he just untied it quickly with one swift movement. He refuses to teach anyone how to tie it; saying that it is a knot that represents ‘death’ and is not to be fooled with.” Mr. McCune recognized the two Webelos Scouts who assisted him in tying knots and the leaders of Cub Pack 3030 by giving them each a PEZ candy dispenser with refills and each person attending the dinner received a candy cane. Dispensers and candy were presented courtesy of American Legion Post 241 in Waynedale. Mr. McCune is the Boy Scout Liaison.

Pack 3030 had about 42 people at their Blue and Gold banquet. Leaders and members present were: Mrs. Mary Davis – Irwin PTA Treasurer. Mr. Doug Coe – Cubmaster. Mrs. Kim Sower – Den Leader for the Tiger Cubs (Collin Barnes, Sean Davis, Paris Jones, Marcus Phillips Logan Sower, Cody Turnage, and Patrick Zent). Mrs. Dian Steffen – Den Leader for Webelos 1 Den (Jamarcus Barlow-Perry, Cory Cartwright, Spencer Coe, Kalvin Davis, Caleb Matuska, and Grant Steffen). Mr. David Eisenhauer – Den Leader for Webelos 2 Den (Alvin Davis, Steven Hill and Alex Davis, a member of the Pack 3030’s Wolf Den).