I’d like to take this time to make a couple of announcements concerning the Twenty-first Century Scholars program that we host here at Wayne Township. The first announcement is the departure of a long-time employee, Mrs. Juanita Mejia-Goodwell. She was our Program Coordinator for the Northeast Indiana Twenty-first Century Scholars Support Program. She accepted a position that will allow her to continue to do what she loves, while providing excellent opportunities and adventure. I would like to wish her the best of luck, and thank her for her years of hard work and tireless dedication in working with young people.

Stepping into the position is Ms. Liddy Nern, who was previously the Student Coordinator for the program. She looks forward to working closely with teachers, school administrators, and community members in promoting this wonderful program.

There may be some of you that are not familiar with the Twenty-first Century Scholars program. In a nutshell, eligible 7th and 8th grade students can enroll in the program, which provides college tuition upon graduation from high school. It’s not easy money, however, because enrolled students, or Scholars, must take (and fulfill) a pledge to be good students and good citizens. Students that succeed are rewarded with a scholarship that pays for up to four years of college tuition!

The second item to announce is College Goal Sunday, which is an event designed to help students and families complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This form can be a bit complicated at times, and oftentimes parents or students have special situations that require the advice of financial aid experts. This is a free opportunity to have your questions answered and get help in completing this form. Everyone who is thinking about attending college next fall or in the spring of 2003 is invited to attend, regardless if he or she is a Twenty-first Century Scholar.

Applicants should bring their completed IRS 1040 tax return, W-2 Form, or other 2001 income and benefits information. Young adults 23 years old and younger should bring their parents financial information. Parents are strongly encouraged to come with their children. Please feel free to call Wayne Township for more information about the Twenty-first Century Scholars Program or College Goal Sunday. For those of you who are connected to the Internet, go to our website and click on the “links” page for direct access to these official sites.


Matthew P. Schomburg
Trustee, Wayne Township