Children of all ages love to pretend—-to enter the world of imagination. Theater is one way to present that world to a child. The theater also teaches children about life in a way that they can’t get from books. With theater involving many people children learn how to get along with others, work in ensemble and understand that their function is essential to the final product. And it is fun!

Children are naturals when it comes to the performing arts. As little ones, they dance to the music on the radio and television. Remember this past Christmas, the program at church where kids of all ages were singing at the top of their lungs? They are born hams.

Give your child the gift of a performing arts education. Start by checking out the Edwards Production, Inc., a traveling theatre group based out of Fort Wayne. They are looking for young actors and singers for the musical production of the ugly duckling: “Honk!”

Thirty children will be cast as various barnyard animals in this telling of the “Ugly Duckling” along with a youth chorus and an adult cast of eight. It is a simple tale familiar to most and resonant to all—the ugly duckling rejected for being different from the rest, learns the pain of prejudice and the power of individuality. But with “Honk!” the audience gets a whole new ending. One of the biggest variations in this new version is that Ugly’s mother, Ida, fully embraces her son, defending his uniqueness.

Auditions will be held at the Edwards Productions, Inc. rehearsal hall located at 148 East Collins Road (just north of Glenbrook Mall) at 9am on Saturday, February 9th.

For more information/questions call 496-9291. The performances are on April 19th, 20th, and 21st at the Community Center, 233 West Main St., Fort Wayne.

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