Greetings! Hopefully the mild weather has continued until the day you happen to be reading this column! With all due respect to the snow lovers out there it is enjoyable to see the signs of spring which appear to be coming early this year. This time of the year is also important for several reasons other than the weather including the arrival of the season of “March Madness”. While the mens’ state basketball tournament hasn’t yet begun at the time I write these words the women’s tournament has. Today’s headline reads: “Luers (women) one win from another state title”! Congratulations to all of the Luers players and fans—-hopefully you’ll have a 4th straight women’s basketball title in the bag before you read these words!

I’ve received a few calls recently regarding the blasting procedures at Hanson Aggregates. Hanson has generally been a good neighbor to citizens who live nearby, even altering their blasting times in order to minimize the negative impact on students at Elmhurst High School just a couple of blocks up Ardmore Ave. I’ve spoken with Hanson management and they tell me that they have been blasting stone at deeper levels but their own measurements don’t really show any major differences in ground or air shock waves in nearby residential areas. They have contracted with an independent firm to evaluate complaints from citizens in the area and are willing to change their procedures if there is a verifiable problem. If anyone living in the Hanson area feels that the shock waves are worse than usual give them a call at 747-3105 and they’ll have their expert check things out. Give me a call if I can help out by working with Hanson or in any other way.

A couple of other items regarding that not so exciting but very important topic: TRASH. First, the city’s annual “bagathon” is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, May 18th. On that day teams from neighborhoods or other organizations will participate in a cleanup of neighborhoods, streets, and riverbanks. The date may change and if it does I’ll be sure to let you know. Also, as you know, the City of Fort Wayne has spent quite a bit of time and money establishing a great recycling system for paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum, and plastic materials. During the last year or two, citizen participation in recycling has decreased a few percentage points. This is a great program and my hope is that eventually we’ll have 80 to 90 percent participation. If you aren’t recycling I encourage you to get on board and recycle regularly. If you need recycling bins or a schedule of pickups give City Solid Waste Director Dawn Ritchie or her associate Matt Gratz a call at 427-1270.

Finally a reminder to all neighborhood leaders as well as to anyone interested in upgrading neighborhood infrastructure including streets, curbs, sidewalks, etc. Neighborhood request forms for 2003 CEDIT neighborhood projects are due no later than April 15th of this year. The goal is for the citizens in every neighborhood to prioritize what improvements need to be made in their area and for their requests to drive the process of neighborhood Give me a call at any time with any suggestions or with your opinions regarding matters of importance to Fort Wayne’s citizens!


Tom Hayhurst
City Councilman
4th District