Scoutmaster Fox addressing Troop #38 at a Monday night meeting.
Scoutmaster Fox addressing Troop #38 at a Monday night meeting.

The morning star is a very significant symbol to Native Americans. The morning star signals the approach of the dawn. In essence, the promise of light, a new day, and a new beginning. The morning star represents an end to darkness and a rebirth that comes with the advent of a new day. The most sacred rite of the Lakota people is the Sun Dance. This four day ritual demands the utmost from its participants and supporters. The dancers dance uninterrupted from dawn to dusk for a period of four days. During this time the dancers are in a continual state of prayer.

The sun is a metaphor for life and our relationship to all living things. The Lakota believe that like the sun, without God and prayer all living things would perish. As each new day of the dance approaches, the dancers are awakened by the camp drier who waits for the morning star thus signaling the beginning of a new day. The dancers awakening to a new day symbolize man’s emergence from the ignorance of darkness into the light of spiritual awareness.

This symbol is particularly poignant as it relates to today’s turbulent society. The verbiage encircling the neckerchief slide is in Lakota, translated it says: “Keep the sun in your heart and help the people.” Like the morning star, the recipient of this award is an individual who characterizes positive change and leadership.

This award has been created to recognize the outstanding Scoutmaster of the year in the Anthony Wayne Area Council. The recipient of this award shall exhibit the following qualities:

1. Served as a Scoutmaster for a minimum of four years.

2. Displayed exemplary service to both troop and community during the past year.

3. Has been instrumental in the development, education and growth of Scouting and its ideals at Troop, Council, and Community levels.

4. Has exhibited character of the highest order and served as an inspiration to both Scouts and peers.

5. Has openly demonstrated to both Scouts and peers a profound respect for nature and a reverence toward God.

6. Possesses a cheerful nature and heartiness of spirit.


A little about James Fox, Scoutmaster of Troop 38, sponsored by Calvary United Methodist Church, the man who received this award.



1993-1994 Den Leader, Pack 3038
1994-1996 Webelos Leader, Pack 3038
1995 Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 38
1996-present Scoutmaster, Troop 38
1999-present Volunteer Campmaster, Anthony Wayne Area Council Reservation
2001-present Miami District Committee, member at large



1995 Scoutmastership Fundamentals
1997 Woodbadge, Owl Patrol; beaded, 1999



1997 Chief, Miami District
1998 Scoutmaster of the Year, Miami District
2000 Council Patch, Miami District



Jim Fox has been a committee member for at least eight district camporees and Klondike’s. He regularly volunteers at Cub Day Camps and scouter training events. He has organized multi-troop swimming lock-ins at least three times a year over the last five years. In 2000 and 2001 he co-lead service contingents of scouts and scouters on one week service projects to the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation in west central South Dakota. Both contingents raised project and trip money through donations; Jim guided those fund-raising events.

Jim is an outdoor scout leader. His troop has a monthly outing in all weather conditions. He has not missed a week at camp with his troop each summer. His scouts use the patrol method; the adult patrol always eats well. Under Jim’s leadership all youth and adults are included in all activities. Jim works at everyone’s having a good experience. Jim makes sure his adult leaders are trained, and their skills well used in service to the troop.

He models and encourages a genuine spirit of service. He has mentored other troop’s leaders. His troop has buddied up at camp and on outings with smaller troops who needed equipment or leadership. He typically assigns himself to latrine duty. His troop has volunteered for three years to provide an outdoor experience to handicapped youth. All his scouting activity is shaped by a spirit of service to scouts and the public. In his very genuine modesty, he is probably embarrassed by this recitation of his contributions to Scouting and the community.

Jim Fox was presented with the coveted Paul G. Lobsiger Morning Star Award at the Miami District monthly Roundtable Meeting, Wednesday, March 6, 2002.

(Editor’s Note: Jim Fox is a U.S. Navy veteran and a member of American Legion Post 241 here in Waynedale – Congratulations Jim.)