The following poems were found on pages 11 & 24 of the January/February copy of THE INDIANA TROOPER – The Official Publication of the Indiana Troopers Association (Indiana State Police). They gave us permission to use them.


I AM . . .
I am helpful and kind.
I like riding my bike.
I cried when my Dad died.
I want to be a singer and an artist.
I am curious and truthful.
I treasure my quilt.
I look forward to going to Heaven.
I thank God for my Mom.
I believe in myself.
I wonder when I will die.
I laugh when my dog rolls in the grass.
I feel happy when I get home.
I hope I can see my Dad soon.
I am a child of God.
I am Maddie Deuter


by Maddie Deuter, 4th grade student at Lakewood Park Elementary in Auburn, Indiana. Daughter of Debra Deuter and fallen Master Trooper David A. Deuter of Angola.




I’m proud to be an American
Because I know my country is free.
I’m proud to be an American
Because there is no king to yell at me.
Everyone is equal,
Everyone is free.
We have a good military,
Who are willing to die for me.


I’m proud to have an education,
Here at Parkside School.
My brother is in the military,
And he is very cool.
If we have a war,
We definitely will win.
And that’s why I am proud,
To be an American.
by Josh Echterling – age 10
Parkside Elementary
LaGrange, Indiana


(Son of Kevin Echterling-Dist. 22)

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