The Macintosh Classic with an Imagewriter II Printer.
The Macintosh Classic with an Imagewriter II Printer.
A Museum in the Making


Recently I acquired an old friend… In my history with computers I’ve owned them about as often as cars. I often see an old movie and my dad will spot an old car. He’ll name the year and model of that car just as if he drove it. Which in some cases he has.

I on the other hand in my geek ness, I can name an Apple Macintosh computer and tell you all about it. In nearly all Seinfeld’s and Drew Cary Shows I spot a Mac. In many movies I can spot the type of computer and feel the history just as my dad does when he spots an old time car.

I recently acquired a Macintosh “Classic.” The name itself says that it is something nostalgic. I turned it on, and just as the operating system of today, I saw familiarity and normalcy. It’s like someone visiting their old high school, some even know where their locker was, or what classroom belonged to what teacher. I found myself looking into the past as I used the mouse on my Macintosh Classic. I found the same familiar menus, windows, icons I used when I sat down for the first time in front of a computer.

I acquired this Macintosh Classic for my old printer someone needed for their newer Mac. I wasn’t sure what I would do with such an old computer. Nothing I own is compatible with it. But with some help I found some old software on e-bay.com and on some other personal websites. I was amazed to find some people still make some software for old computers.

But now I know what I would like to do with my Macintosh Classic. I will keep it just like an old toy to show my kids and grandkids. It will mean something to them I know it. To see what I see in that little 6 inch black and white screen. This old Macintosh is one of the first steps in the evolution of the Graphic User Interface (GUI). Perhaps when I show it to my grand children, they will ask me, “What is that in front of it?” And I will say, “It’s a keyboard, you had to type your words on that for them to show up on the screen.”

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