I recently received a call from a neighborhood leader in the Waynedale area regarding the latest “scam” being perpetuated on local residents. I’m told that someone has attempted to pressure citizens into paying several hundred dollars “up front” for removal of dead trees. After accepting payment the supposed tree trimmer disappears without doing the job. Keep your eyes open for this shyster. Don’t give him a cent and definitely call the police if he shows up on your doorstep. Also, be sure to call 911 or your neighborhood liaison police officer for any suspicious activity in your neighborhood!

I need to follow-up on AEP’s sluggish response to recent power outages in the “Waynedale News” area and elsewhere throughout Fort Wayne. I’ve received several calls about the matter. City government representatives have been in direct contact with AEP representatives during the last few days. AEP has said that they are currently previewing their procedures for responding to power outages due to downed power lines or other problems. They plan to improve their handling of these electrical systems failures in the future. This is an absolute must considering the terrible situation earlier this year when electricity was out up to 4 days, local residents lost food due to lack of refrigeration, and an AEP crew was found parked at a local shopping center without instructions while downed electrical lines were only a few blocks away! AEP has served us fairly well in the past but if there are future problems notify yours truly. And also the Indiana Utility Regulatory commission in Indy!

I recently received calls from residents of southwest Fort Wayne that prompted me to pass along an important reminder. We have an excellent animal care and control department in Fort Wayne managed by director Belinda Lewis. Her department has worked hard to remind citizens to spay, neuter and license their pets but several thousand dogs and cats are unfortunately euthanized every year. Be sure your pet has its tag and collar on at all times. Keep dogs fenced or on a leash and to call animal control soon if your pet runs away so it won’t be picked up and “put to sleep” as an unclaimed lost animal. If your pet has it’s animal control tag you should receive a call …But call 427-1244 first, just to be safe! I’ll leave my home telephone number below, as usual. Give me a call with any questions or suggestions. I receive hundreds of calls so be sure to call me back if you leave a message and don’t hear from me fairly soon.


Tom Hayhurst
City Councilman 4th District