Some of us may have started out life intent on doing what we love and have a talent for, but somewhere along the way we were derailed. Our track may have gotten switched for any number of reasons; we listened to the wrong people, did what others thought was best for us, married unsupportive spouses, married at a young age, dropped out of college, believed promises that weren’t true, went to work for the wrong company, dedicated our time to our family but forgot about ourselves, or (enter your own reason here)…the list goes on and on.

So now what? How do we reclaim those missed opportunities? What if we are too old? What if we just don’t have “it” anymore? Well, you may be past your prime to be a ballerina, but you can still take dance classes. You may no longer desire the life of a starving playwright, but you can still write a play for your local community theatre. There are always many variations upon our original dream. So, here are some suggestions that might help you start finding your way back to your Bliss Path.

1. Your Bliss Path is important. It is the symbol of your potential and the source of your creative force. When you are disconnected from it, you often feel lost and hopeless. 2. You don’t have to quit your job to get back to your Bliss. Food and shelter are essential. So look for ways to use your talents within the organization, or propose a new position. 3. You may choose not to burden your Bliss with the responsibility and pressure of making money. So paint, write, dance, sing, act on the side and use your day job to pay the bills. 4. Once you decide to revisit your Bliss, focus a set amount of energy and time on your task. Don’t allow other tasks or people to deter you from satisfying that creative force inside. 5. Seek out supportive people to help you. Mentors and friends are there if you focus on finding them – it’s easier when you have Bliss Path buddies to help light the way. 6. Forget the “I don’t have time” excuse. It won’t fly. We make time for things that are important to us. Make reclaiming your Bliss a priority and time will appear. 7. Quit hoping non-supportive, negative people in your life will suddenly change their behavior and help you. The sooner you take responsibility for the direction of your life, the sooner you will find your way back to your Bliss Path.


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Bliss Path Productions, Inc.
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