Many times in life you meet an amazing person and you have to admire their abilities and qualities. Thus is Kevin Derrow (The Dutchman).

Kevin was born in Auburn and graduated from Garrett High School in 1974. He played football and was named to the First Team All-Conference of the NEIC.

Sixteen years in the Navy permitted him to attend several colleges and receive a Political Science and General Education degree. During these years music was a large part of his life. He once played at the Hollywood Bowl with a service band.

At 16 years of age he started writing poems and songs. He published a manuscript titled, “The Mad Sailor of the North Atlantic” in 1999.

In the acknowledgement section of his manuscript he wrote, “I thank those of you in this life who dream of the possibilities of what can be even in the face of what is.”

In the disclaimer he wrote, “This is a record of trying things on for size and sometimes finding out that they did not fit. I wish I had a 40-year brain at 19. I would have done a few things differently. Although I should have known better I did not always choose the right.”

He has played several times at the Hideway in Waynedale and last year at Buck Lake Ranch. He will again play at Buck Lake Ranch this year.

Kevin’s prototype album contains 17 songs of which 13 were written by him. His “As Is” CD which is the name of the band also, has 17 songs. One is the old standard “Help Me Make It Through The Night.” The musicians in this band are Kevin, Gayle Leslie, Dale Scott, and Kathy Thompson.

The Dutchman also performs as a one-man band. He records the playing of three instruments on tape, plays them back singing and playing a guitar. The one-man band involves him playing guitar, bass, banjo, dulcimer, mandolin, and vocal.

The As Is band is now one of the most versatile folk-acoustic, blues, oldies, country and rock & roll acts in the local market today.

Kevin has also taken an interest in kids in this area. He has coached the Geyer Football Team for three years and was Assistant Track Coach for South Side High School last year.

Like I said in the beginning, Kevin Derrow is an amazing person and “That’s The Way I Saw It.”