(After 32 years of annual fishing tips we found that every trip has brought us something to remember and some things we’d like to forget.)


Our gear was all packed,
We were ready to leave,
When wails from the bathroom,
Like you wouldn’t believe.


Wife was rinsing her dentures,
To make ’em fresh for the trip,
If to err is human,
She made that kinda slip.


She dropped both plates,
Into that ceramic pot,
And flushed them down,
The you-know-what!


Said I, “I’m not delayin’,
For something so minor,
You can just order soup,
When we stop at a diner.


“No Kentucky fried chicken,
No Burger King Whoppers,
You’ll have to get by,
On what you can eat without choppers.”


So for ten days she ‘gummed it’,
Without complaint or spite,
Never once commenting,
That fish, at least can bite.


Back home with a plumber,
We had a slight change of luck,
And retrieved both plates,
From the trap where they stuck.


None the worse from what happened,
Not a single tooth was broken,
They got a hot soapy bath,
And a day in bleach soakin’.


Wife was delighted,
To get something solid to eat,
And in case you’re wonderin’,
Her kisses are still sweet.

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