On November, 2, 2001, TRAVIS BROADCASTING CORPORATION had bought WGL Radio and other radio stations in that same group from KOVAS COMMUNICATIONS. It takes 60 and no later than 90 days by the FCC (FEDERAL COMMUNICATION COMMISSION), to approve it or not. But, must of the time it’s approved.

WHBJ 1370AM (Became, WGL Radio), and WCWK (Became, WOWO) started broadcasting in 1924 and was then owned by the same people who owned WOWO Radio 1160AM (switched in 1954 to 1190 AM).

In 1936, WGL and WOWO were bought by the Westinghouse Broadcasting Company. Westinghouse sold WGL to Helene R. Follinger in 1938. Herb Hayworth (a.k.a. “Happy Herb,” worked mornings and signed on “both” radio stations WOWO & WGL (from 1932 to 1936). Bob Sievers, took over in August of 1936.

And in 1924, after WHBJ and WCWK had signed on the air. WDBV 550 AM had signed on in Waynedale and was owned by Clyde Quimby. But, WGL had stayed on at 1250AM from 1937 to present. WGL & WOWO, both had started in Fort Wayne at 2708 South Wayne Avenue under different call letters WCWK (WOWO) and WHBJ (WGL). WGL moved to South Lafayette Street. Then, Helen broke new ground and a new WGL studio at 2000 Lower Huntington Road in Waynedale. Helene Follinger also owned The Fort Wayne News~Sentinel. Then, Frank & Connie Kovas had bought the radio station in the early 1980s. Then, Frank & Connie had added more radio stations and formed a group call KOVAS COMMUNICATIONS, INC. And now sold to Robert & Karen Travis (Travis Broadcasting Corporation).

WGL Radio along with it’s sister stations are: WGL 1250AM, News/Talk; WCKZ 94.1FM, Billed as Z94 and plays “All 1980s Music”; WWWD 96.3FM, Billed as 3WD, plays Country Music, WEJE 102.3FM (is now WXTW X102.3FM, playing Modern Rock).

The radio stations are based here in Waynedale and located at 2000 Lower Huntington Road. Robert & Karen Travis are the owners. They own 225 other radio stations. They are from Roanoke, Virginia. KOVAS’s Radio Group has changed to The Fort Wayne Radio Group. Robert & Karen Travis are President and Vice President, respectively and George Hays as General Manager.

One of the DJs from the past that is working is the famous Rod Tanner doing the afternoon drive 3-7pm at WWWD 96.3FM (a.k.a. “3WD”). I have known Rod Tanner since 1972. When he worked over nights at WLYV 1450AM (Before they were Country). And in early 1980s at WQHK “The Hawk 1380AM.” (Before they moved to FM as K105FM).

I also know Rod’s twin cousin Big Bob Lee. Bob used to work at WMEE, when they were on the AM band in the 1970s. WMEE was billed as W~MEE “The Big 1380!” He was also a famous DJ. He now works at various times on the new Z94.1FM WCKZ.


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