Golden Age Radio


The year was 1942 and great shows like Amos and Andy, Goerge Burns and Grace, and Bob Hope was great before his face was even know. And the drama of the shadow, filled the radio’s across the USA.

With the old days of Radio Dramas and live radio long gone. A new wave of internet radio stations are popping up on the air, or wire. Some of these stations are found in your internet streaming software that came with your computer.

With this software you can listen to online internet radio stations that broadcast audio through computers on the internet right to yous.

For Mac users you can use iTunes and for Windows users you can use Real.com or Windows Media Player.

Some stations are actually community radio stations, these stations are low power FM and AM stations with hardly enough power to get across the street. But these stations can use the Internet to power their signal around the world.

A popular station I’m partial to is WFHB.org which is called Firehouse Broadcasting from Bloomington Indiana. This is a community radio station I loved to listen to while at IU. You can listen to local bands and get a great history lesson from the old days of bee bop and rockebilly.

Other stations on the net are found at many popular university websites. A great way to find them is from your favorite search engine and type in “Community Radio Station”. You’ll find a great list of websites and ways to listen to them through your computer.

One favorite radio program you’ll find on-line are old fashioned radio dramas, including the great shows like the Lone Ranger, and the first versions of sitcoms like Amos and Andy they are funny as ever, sound better than the original because you’re not having to adjust the AM dial to tune the station.

Check out www.live365.com to listen to almost a million different radio stations. Many of which you can listen to commercial free.

Happy listening.

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