As many who read this column are aware, there are many businesses in the “Waynedale News” area that are very important to local residents. In fact, one of the many appealing qualities of living in this area in addition to the low crime rate and the generally nice folks is the possibility of doing any necessary grocery shopping or dry cleaning or gassing up the family car or truck after traveling no more than 3 or 4 blocks. A prime example of this convenience is a popular local business, Scott’s grocery store. I’ve heard many residents of this area express their concerns that their favorite supermarket, Scott’s, doesn’t have many of the items they are looking for when they shop for groceries. Another problem at the current Scott’s store is the somewhat limited parking. I have it on good authority that Scott’s is actively pursuing expanding their current store in the Waynedale area which should correct these problems. This is great news for the Waynedale area as well as the Southside of Fort Wayne. I’m sure that the Scott’s organization will be rewarded for their efforts with lots of business. This proposed expansion might not be a “front page” news item but I’ve talked with enough readers of this newspaper to realize that upgrading Scott’s will be a real “win-win” development for not only the business but also for residents of this area and the local community.

Incidentally, my focusing on one particular large business in the Waynedale area doesn’t mean that I don’t think that all of those smaller businesses in this area aren’t important. In fact, one of the strengths of living in this part of Fort Wayne, as I mentioned earlier, is the wide variety of quality small businesses which provide such great service to local residents as well as those from throughout the area.

In my last Councilman’s Corner column I mentioned the possibility that the Waynedale area would be divided between 2 councilmanic districts after completion of redistricting within the next few weeks. That was a definite possibility. Based on conversations in which I’ve been involved recently it now seems less likely that the new district lines will be drawn through the center of the Waynedale area. Thanks to those of you who have made a few calls regarding this matter. Redistricting is a work in progress and anything could happen. I’ll keep an eye on developments and pass along any new information regarding redistricting.

In case you missed the news, the Neighborhood Code Enforcement Office is now working under a new set of guidelines. The department plans to be more proactive and less reactive when it comes to requiring that property owners cut tall weeds and grass. In fact, NCE inspectors recently completed what will likely be the 1st of 5 “sweeps” of the entire city citing violators who have yards full of weeds. Let me know if you know of any property owner who can’t keep the grass and weeds under control due to disability, etc. I’ll try to find a neighbor or nearby church congregation who may be able to help out or perhaps I’ll do the job myself. Neighborhood Code has been criticized for just reacting to problems—if that department can think and act more preventatively it will be a big step forward.

FYI: info. from a recent neighborhood meeting. The Elmhurst Neighborhood Association garage sale will be held on Saturday, June 22nd. This event as well as many others in the Indian Village—Waynedale area are a great way to pick up a bargain or two as well as to support local neighborhood associations. Also, don’t forget the Waynedale Memorial Day Parade on Monday morning, May 27th. See you there!


Tom Hayhurst
City Councilman 4th District

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