A few weeks ago two wind and ice storms hit us, which knocked out electrical service to thousands of citizens throughout Fort Wayne and the surrounding area. As I wrote earlier I did not feel that AEP’s response was adequate at that time. I’ve received several calls about this matter and everyone felt that AEP’s response to the emergency wasn’t what it should have been. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to personally meet with AEP representatives. They point out that the ice storm this spring also left 30-40,000 South Bend residents without power and overtaxed their ability to respond. The good news is that AEP is also adding several new linemen to their local crew and they are revamping their emergency response plan in order to use their current resources better for the next electrical outage. Be sure to monitor the situation with me and let me know if AEP doesn’t respond within a reasonable amount time the next time we are hit hard, as we were this spring.

Many citizens…especially those on Medicare…know all to well how difficult it can be to afford medications prescribed by the doctor and also pay the grocery, utility and tax bills. Prescription drug prices are definitely “out of site”. With that thought in mind you may want to join Mr. Al Lauer, (State President of United Senior Action), and his wife Jean on their upcoming bus trip to Windsor, Ontario to obtain discounted prescription drugs. A Canadian physician examines each patient and prescribes a 3-month supply of medications with a one-year refill. The next trip is scheduled for June 14th-15th. Call 1-800-495-0872 for more information. Cost of the trip is $85.00 including room and bus transportation. Many of those who obtain medications in Windsor save hundreds of dollars annually on their medication expenses.

As you’ve probably heard or read, Fort Wayne is moving forward with plans to construct a skateboard facility for youths in Fort Wayne. The preliminary site for this project, which was requested by many young people, is South Lawton Park, near the River Greenway. That site was picked because it is centrally located, accessible via the Greenway, and located near the park where younger kids could play under their parents supervision, while older sibs utilize the new facility. A fenced enclosure, security, and specific hours of operation are planned. Congratulations to park Dept. Superintendent Diane Hoover and the leader of the community fundraising effort George Huber. Thanks also to State Rep. Win Moses and State Senator David Long for their work in Indy to help make this project feasible. The kids of our community have requested a skateboard-rollerblade park and the city is responding!

Be sure to call street commissioner Bob Kennedy and his staff at the “Pothole Hotline”…427-1235…to report any potholes in the Waynedale, Indian Village or anywhere in Fort Wayne. Also be sure to exercise you’re your right to vote in the very important federal, state, and county, primary election on Tues., May 7th.

Call me with any suggestions or questions and have a great spring


Tom Hayhurst
City Councilman
4th District

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