Dear Readers,

Well, spring has sprung in Louisville and has not escaped the notice of all the children. Bikes racing by, basketballs being dribbled and shot at any kind of apparatus that would serve as a hoop, and the skate boarders risking their very lives. Of course, that’s what they said about us when we were kids. Only then, it was bikes and roller skates——the REAL kind with four wheels on each skate that attached to your shoe and a skate key to tighten it up to your shoe sole. It is a wondrous event, this springtime thing.. It’s like all of life lifts out of its humdrum doldrums and comes alive. I have my darling granddaughter here with me today. We filled the baby pool out on the patio, and she has been in and out of it all day, dressing, undressing, and playing with the abandon that only small children posses. Modesty escapes them because they are comfortable in the bodies they were born in, and the social mores have not smacked upon them yet, to make them self-conscious or embarrassed. Age has not touched them and it would never occur to them that someday they will lose their youth. This sunny, beautiful child IS Spring! I laughed so hard when I walked out and saw her, and what she had rigged up. I had to run and get the camera. She knows no hardship, no pain, no expectations of how things ought to be. She just is just Lulu. She is Spring. Even in the beauty and new growth of spring, she lost her lady bug to the powers that be. I went outside and in my fossil rock collection, she had made a grave for this tiny dead ladybug and decorated it with Forsythia blooms and, one of my fossils, and a little cross that I had in my jewelry box, served as a tombstone. My husband came in laughing and I asked him what was so funny and he told me I had to come out a see the grave. I did more than that—I took a picture. After all, Lulu will have to succumb to growing up someday and I want her to be able to see herself as the child she was. I keep picturing things like panty hose, and first bra, and first boyfriend. EEK! Well, I won’t experience it alone —-I have all my readers to laugh (and sympathize) with me!



Mae Julian

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