Nostalgia from the 50’s


Dear Readers,

Did you love the old Burma Shave signs? We used to take a trip twice a year to go to my grandmother’s house in Illinois. We were entertained by two things: Playing “white horse”, and reading the Burma Shave signs. Remember what color they were? White on red! 1963 was the last year new Burma Shave signs were made. When I found this little nugget of information, I wrote a letter to all my girlfriends by Email to try to remember their favorites. I think this first one I’m going to print was along Bluffton Road, because we all remembered it. However I’m not sure. If you love reading these nostalgic gems, please feel free to pass along the ones you remember and the memories you have that go along with them, and I’ll print another column with your contributions! (I will omit the famous Burma Shave that ended them all). 


Around the curve
Licketty split
Beautiful car
Wasn’t it?


Altho insured
Remember, Kiddo,
They don’t pay you
They pay your widow!


Her chariot
Raced 80 per
Thay hauled away
What had


Violets are blue
Roses are pink
On graves of those
who drive and drink!


His face
Was smooth
And cool as ice
And oh! Louise!
He smelled so nice


He tried
to cross
As fast train neared
Death didn’t draft him
He volunteered


Proper distance
To him was bunk
They pulled him out
Of some guy’s trunk!


Spring has sprung
Grass has riz
Where last year’s
Carless drivers is


Soap may do
For lads with fuzz
But sir, you ain’t
The kid you wuz


Train approaching
Whistle squealing
Avoid that
Rundown feeling!


Pedro walked
Back home, by golly
His bristly chin
Was hot-to-Molly


The blackened forest
Smoulders yet
he flipped
A cigarette


Grandpa knows
It ain’t too late
He’s gone
To git
Some widder bait


Cattle crossing
Means go slow
That old bull
Is some
Cow’s beau


Drinking drivers—
Nothing worse
They put
The quart
Before the hearse


If daisies
Are your
Favorite flower
Keep pushin’ up those
Miles per hour


Don’t leave safety
To mere chance
That’s why
Belts are
Sold with pants


He lit a match
To check gas tank
That’s why
They call him
Skinless Frank


They missed the turn
The car went whizzin’
The fault was hern
The funeral hisn


Don’t stick your elbow
Out too far
Or it may
Go home
In another car!


Don’t lose your head
To save a minute
You need your head
Your brains are in it


Ben met Anna
Made a hit
Neglected beard
Ben-Anna split


A nut at the wheel
A peach on his right
A curve in the road
Fruit salad that night


Dinah doesn’t treat him right
But if he’d shave


will let you down
Quicker than
A strapless gown


Car in ditch
Man in tree
Moon was full
So was he!


Proper distance
To him was bunk
He ended up
In some guy’s trunk!


The salesman
Taught the
Farmer’s daughter
To plant her tu-lips
Where she otter


Hope you had as much fun reading these as I did!

Mae Julian

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