I read this recently in THE COURIER, the official messenger of the Anthony Wayne Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America


“January 1, 2002 represents the start of a new five-year plate cycle for the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). This means that all existing state license plates will be replaced with a new design. Even though the BSA chose to use the same design they started with for the Scouting plates, all of those old plates will also be replaced.”

I think it’s a stupid idea to replace a license plate with a license plate that looks just exactly like the old license plate but with a different number. Don’t they (the BMV) realize they (we) could save thousands of dollars and man-hours by just issuing a sticker to go over the old year? Whose hair-brained idea was this anyway? For the last two years I have had license plates # 111 and 130 on my two cars. Last year I bought a used Jimmy (GMC) and was issued Boy Scout license plate # 2592. Now I have to go buy brand new look-alike plates but I’ll wind up with new numbers not the ones I have now.

Someone in Indiana will be sporting the same numbers that I now have, on their automobiles. But they will have a different sticker for a different expiration date) until the last day of July 2002 (when my plates run out – my last name starts with ‘M’). I hope the people that get my plate numbers and the drivers they loan their cars to, are Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent. I also pray that they are HONEST, CARRY ENOUGH INSURANCE, ARE GOOD DRIVERS, DON’T RUN RED LIGHTS THAT TAKE PICTURE OF THEIR LICENSE PLATES, DRIVE SOBER, AND I HOPE THEY PAY THEIR PARKING TICKETS ON TIME. Otherwise, I could be in big trouble between now and the end of July. BUT I promise the people whose plate numbers I get that I will try to be all of the above.

Come on people down there in the state house. Think these things out before you go and cost us a lot of extra money. The extra money saved could be applied toward my property taxes, which I think is unconstitutional anyway but then this is a subject for a future editorial. The only positive thing I can see that can come out of this BSA license plate SNAFU (A WWII military acronym for Situation Normal; All Fouled Up), is: I can get three license plate numbers that are in sequence like 1001, 1002, 1003, etc. Wellllllll that is if they don’t run out (the BMV are only issued a few plates at each branch. Naaaaahhhhhhh that could never happen . . . . .

Future editorials issues could be on: Gun control, licensing boats with motors of 10 horse power or less, seat belt laws, raising hunting/fishing license costs, raising trout stamp fees, lowering trout limit from 10 to 5, closing campgrounds in our state parks, helmet laws, property taxes, PETA, and SCAN. Remember what my dear old daddy used to say, “A fine is a tax for doing bad; a tax is a fine for doing good.” Ain’t it the truth! Got a pet peeve or do you just disagree with me? Send in your opinion. I’ll listen; I promise.

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