Editor’s Note – Mrs. Wayne Dale headed for her favorite vacation spot (we suspect it’s a nude beach in Florida) for two weeks and forgot to leave her report about her latest adventure on eating out in the Waynedale area. 


Although we don’t have the flair for writing food eating experiences, descriptions, or the sexcapades adventures that she has; we’ll try to tell you about a nice place to eat just down the street from THE WAYNEDALE NEWS. Every once in a while we have to work through our lunch hour and have to send out for food.

Very often we just run down to the LOCO-N-MOTION and grab a sandwich and fries to go. Since we usually just open a can of pop from our own refrigerator, we don’t order anything to drink there. We do enjoy their hamburgers. They are cheap, delicious, and they fix them just the way you want them. Ray likes his with pickles, mayonnaise (both top and bottom) and lots of onions. Bob likes his with ‘the works’. Cindy likes hers plain with just mustard. Rob Jackson likes a slice of cheese and “. . . whatever else they have to throw on it.”

The whole staff likes the hot dogs, both the Coney dogs and the chilidogs. We tried Mrs. Wayne Dale’s suggestion and ordered a Waynedale Dog with the sauce (both kinds), with mustard, cheese, and the cole slaw. They aren’t bad and some of us may try them again sometime but most of us think we’ll just have them leave off the slaw the next time. Ray seems to prefer them but what does he know; he was raised in the South where they put all kinds of glop on their “dawgs” as he calls them.

We ordered a small order of their French fries each but we all agreed that we’ll never do that again. The next time we’ll order their BIG ORDER OF FRENCH FRIES. We love ’em. We all agreed that we think they have the best French Fries in the whole Waynedale area. They usually give us small packets of catsup but we’re going to order a large container of catsup to go with them the next time.

They have ice cream, soup, and other foods but so far we just get hot dogs, hamburgers, and French Fries. They are easier to eat while keyboarding information into a computer. Spilled soup gums up the keyboards too bad and it’s hard to type with one hand and eat with the other. We can always take a bite out of a sandwich and lay it down. The only problem is trying to find it again among the mess of papers we usually have laying on our desks. What we need are some of those wire/frame holders that go around your neck for playing a harmonica and a guitar at the same time. I think we could modify them to hold our sandwiches but I’m not sure how it would work with French Fries.

We hope you will forgive our attempt at writing this column and we hope that Mrs. Wayne Dale gets back in time to do a review for our next issue of THE WAYNEDALE NEWS for June 12, 2002. Until next issue, bear with us and by all means go visit the LOCO-N-MOTION. Even though they look like they’re closed with those curtains up at the windows and all, they are really open. Until Bertha Dale gets back, Ta Ta or Ta Da or something like that, whatever!

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