Attn: Cindy Cornwell, Marketing Director


A patient brought THE WAYNEDALE NEWS in yesterday with Doctor’s introduction and his column ‘ASK THE DENTIST’ with Dr. David P. Reichwage. It looks wonderful! The patient loved it too. As of today, we had 17 e-mails with dental concerns, so you have, pardon the expression, “. . . tapped a nerve.” We appreciate THE WAYNEDALE NEWS’ support of the doctors’ effort to get more dental information out to the public. Thanks so much; we look forward to meeting you and your son in person.


Nancy Reichwage


Ray McCune, Associate Editor,

Are you going to hand out free fishing poles again this year in the Waynedale Park after the Memorial Day parade? Our grandchildren each got one last year and now we have a lot of new fisher persons in our family. We now have a new little one that will be needing a pole to go ‘fishin’ with the others. Mother and I had been wanting to take the grandchildren fishing but just never got around to it until you snagged us into it by giving them each a fishing pole last year. We’ve never had such fun. It brings back memories of when we used to take our own children fishing and of their first ‘big bluegill’ catches.

Thank you,

A couple of old Waynedalers


(Old Waynedalers – Bob Stark has them on order. We will be handing out American flag decals and FREE fishing poles if they get here on time. We are requesting that each adult ask for only one pole per child and bring that child with you. We don’t want to be nasty but we would like to know that each pole gets an under 12 owner. We’re also asking that you sign your name like last year. This proves that we have handed the pole (with a sharp hook) to a responsible adult and not to a child. Have fun on the FREE FISHING WEEKEND coming up June 8th & 9th, when adults are allowed to fish without a license for two days.)



Throughout the school year, Risen Savior Sunday school has been committed to raising funds for Heifer Project International. HPI is a nonprofit organization that helps impoverished families become self-reliant by providing income-producing animals and training. Since its founding in 1944, HPI has helped over 4 million families in 125 countries. Our goal is to raise $5,000. We have raise $4,000 so far. Please come to our fund raiser on May 19th (see announcement in community calendar).

Thank you,

Sharon Fick, Outreach Coordinator

Risen Savior Lutheran Church


Dear Editor,

Enclosed is a copy of a clipping form the death notices of Sunday’s “Journal” April 21, 2002:

Nellie C. Huffman died Thursday at Parkview Hospital. Born in Akron, Ohio, she retired in 1980 as an elementary school teacher after 30 years, having taught at Waynedale Elementary, Smart Elementary, and Irwin Elementary.

Miss Walters was a great influence in our young lives when we lived in Waynedale just three houses from the school. She was in charge of the summer school program. What a wonderful person, warm, pretty, funny, compassionate, caring and the epitome of what you would expect a teacher to be. She set the standards to what we kids expected from every teacher we had for the rest of our school years. We used to spend hours at the school with her, couldn’t wait for summer school to start, absolutely delighted to go to kindergarten and have Miss Walters as our teacher, and sorely disappointed to discover that we had to have a different teacher the next year.

We saw the death notice in the paper on Sunday, too late to make different arrangements to attend her funeral because of other obligations. We were very sorry to have missed her funeral. The last time we saw Miss Walters, we knew her as Mrs. Huffman, she came to our brother’s funeral. We were delighted to see her, but not really surprised, …that was Miss Walters, caring and compassionate. She will be sorely missed, and fondly remembered. There will never be another Miss Walters.

Sincerely, Ann Kendrick McCrillis

Elizabeth “Betsy” Kendrick Cunningham

John “Max” Kendrick

Jim Kendrick

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